Pokhara is the most beautiful place in Nepal, and one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery is by soaring like a bird above it all. One of our favorite adventures is a flight in an Ultra-light aircraft.  Not only is the flying experience incredible, but the mountains, Pokhara valley and Fewa lake views are like nothing else you can find.

Ultra-light flights are very safe and are operated from the local Pokhara Airport. Flights start at a 15 minute tour around the Pokhara valley and can be as long as a 90 minute flight over the whole Annapurna range. Ultra-light Aircrafts average between 50km/hr and 130km/hr with a maximum altitude of 5000 meters.

If you have dreamed to flying like a bird, here’s your chance to fly into the blue skies with the feeling you can touch the mountains. It will tak your breath away!

Ultra light flight nepal 3

Ultra light flight nepal 2