Well, as we know in Nepal there are so many different people groups. Each with their own culture, festivals, traditions as well their own food. But there is one common food that will call “Dal, Bhat, Tarkari” Dal- it is mostly soup of (different) Beans,  Bhat- it is boiled or steam Rice, Tarkari- vegetable curry. It is delicious and every Nepali would die for it.

Here is a recipe for preparing Dal, Bhat and Tarkari. Enjoy!


1 cup of rice

2 cup of water


1- Wash Rice nicely and soak for 5 minutes

2- Put the water you needed and boil in medium heat for 10-15 minutes.

3- Stair once, turns the heat to low and cook and covered until done.

(Potions: if you using Rice cooker or pressure cooker just have to manage with amount of Rice and water)


1 and half cups of Dal (any kind of bean)

4 to 5 cups of water it depends on how liquid you want

Garlic paste

1 scup of oil or ghee

3/4 slice onion

2 chillies



1- Wash nicely and soak for about 10 minutes

2- Put water and salt and boil with medium heat for 20-30 or until dal get soft.

3- In small pan fry all onion, chillies and garlic paste, when it turn bit brown and put into the soft dal.

4- stair nicely and ready

Tarkari, Vegetable curry

Any kind of vegetable

2-3 onion slices

4-5 tomato slices

Chillies slices


Garlic and ginger slices or paste


Garammasala powder

Cumin powder

Curry powder


Coriander leaf (Optional)


1- Especially Nepalese’s choices are potato, cauliflower, cabbage, green beans- chop the vegetable you want in your size.

2- Take the pan and heat in medium flam.

3- Fry garlic, onion, Ginger, and chillies in oil/ghee.

4- Stair until get brown and put all vegetable and stair again for a while.

5- Put little bit (A cup) of water and salt and stair and cover it. (Should not be burned)

6- Put all spices and stair it.

7- Add tomato stair and cover it.

8- After cooked add coriander leaf.