Visa Information

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – please note that Nepalese visas have changed. The previous 60-day tourist visas are no longer available and have been replaced with the following:

  • 15-day multiple entry tourist visa : US$25
  • 30-day multiple entry tourist visa : US$40
  • 90-day multiple entry tourist visa : US$100

Note: the above prices are for the first visit in a visa year (1st January to 31st December). Please refer to the Government of Nepal’s Department of Immigration website for further information, or contact the Nepalese Embassy/Consulate in your own country.


Visas can be obtained from either the Nepalese Embassies/Consulates or on entry into Nepal (either at the airport or at the border crossings). You will need your passport, 2 passport-sized photos and the visa fee. Currency is preferred in US dollars when applying for a visa upon arrival.

Tourist Visa Extension: Tourist visa extensions up to a total of 120 days can be obtained from the Immigration Offices in Kathmandu and Pokhara. An additional 30-day visa extension may be granted on reasonable grounds at the Kathmandu office only. Over the course of a visa year (1st January to 31st December) a tourist cannot stay in Nepal for more than a cumulative total of 150 days

Overstay Fines: You will be fined if you overstay your visa. Always extend your visa before it runs out!

Trekking Permits are only required for treks to restricted areas. Further information is available on the Government of Nepal’s Department of Immigration website. Many restricted areas can only be visited as part of a group, for which a group trekking permit must be obtained. Please contact us for further information.

Park Entrance Fees
The Annapurna Conservation fee is Rs 2000 (about US$30).

The National Park entrance fee (includes Everest, Langtang area) is Rs 1000 (about US$15).