Our Story

We are a group of men and women who are passionate about reaching young people in Nepal for Christ.  Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, however, it is also one of the darkest countries in the world.  It is estimated less than 1 percent of the countries population is Christian.  There is a great need for the Gospel in this country and we believe the most effective way to bring a long term Gospel movement to this culture is by empowering local adults to reach the youth in their own community.

One of the major obstacles to overcome is the local poverty of Nepal.  Nepal suffers from an unemployment rate of 70 percent.  This lack of employment forces a large majority of the adults to find work overseas.  There is a substantial void left in mentorship, evangelism and discipleship as older Christians move away from their community.

We have developed a business model to help keep youth workers in their community called, Nepal Outdoor Adventure Treks and Expedition. Every 10 trekkers that use Nepal Outdoor Adventure Treks and Expedition will employ a full-time youth worker in Nepal for a year.  This is a Nepalese owned and operated trekking company.

The best people to reach a culture are the people of that culture.  This business will empower youth workers to stay in their community and reach the next generation of the church.